Teenager Dead After Overnight Shooting

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(Memphis) Shelby County Sheriff’s Office investigators said it appears 16-year-old Himyar Hassan accidentally shot himself while handling a .45 caliber gun Thursday night.

The gun discharged, hitting Hassan in the chest at his home in the 8200 block of Tulip Rose.

Deputies were called to the home just after 10 and said that Hassan was pronounced dead at the scene.

“That’s why I don’t like guns; people should just not use guns anymore. Guns kill people,” said Hassan’s close friend Islam Iysheh.

Investigators are not sure where or from whom Hassan got the gun.

They are working with the Shelby County District Attorney’s office to determine if there will be any charges filed.

“Good family never had a problem. Kids are always playing in the yard.  It’s an unfortunate situation,” said neighbor Todd Day who called 911 when Hassan’s younger brother knocked on the door.

“He said his brother was shot. He said come quick, call 911. His demeanor he was so hysterical under the circumstances,” said Day.

Hassan was a junior at GHS. He is the second student to pass this week.

Chris Hess, who was also 16, was killed in an car accident Wednesday evening.