Surviving the Allergy Season

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(Memphis) It's that time of year when conditions outside make things miserable for those with seasonal allergies.

Some health experts are predicting this could be one of the worst allergy season ever, but say there is no reason you have to suffer through it.

Dr. Michael Blaiss, an allergists and clinical professor of pediatrics and medicine at UT Health Sciences, said so far this has been a pretty typical allergy season in Memphis.

However, he said every year more and more people are suffering from allergies and every year the season seems to last longer.

He said those over the counter medicines may help with mild symptoms, but if you are not getting relief you need to see your doctor.

Dr. Blaiss said there are a lot of medications out there that can keep allergy symptoms at bay, "We find the best are the nasal sprays. A lot of patients they don’t like to use them because of the drainage or the drip down the throat. The good news is there are newer sprays approved by the FDA, dry aerosols, that don’t’ have the drip or taste."

There are also allergy injections to get rid of allergies for good.