Mississippi Tells Southaven to Forget Regulating Liquor Stores

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(Southaven, MS) Southaven’s attempt to regulate liquor stores is apparently over.

The State of Mississippi has had the final say, and the State says it’s not the city’s job to regulate alcohol.

But Southvaven tried.

Plans were in the works to regulate how many liquor stores the city would have and where they could locate.

Store owners never liked the idea.

The State already has special agents they sent out to monitor and regulate liquor stores.

The State has been paying these guys since 1966” said Ronnie Noe, owner of "Cheers" liquor store.

The State made that plain in no uncertain terms to Southaven which wasn’t the first to try the idea.

”They were very polite with it. They explained to us that understandably, other cities have tried it, but they do have that final say,” said Southaven Planning Director Whitney Choat-Cook.

The City wanted to work side-by-side with the State, but it’s been Mississippi’s long-standing policy to go it alone.

”We definitely would have liked to have a little more control ourselves, but as long as the State’s willing to work with us, I think we can work with them as well," said Choat-Cook.

Liquor store owners say they’re glad they only have to answer to one regulator.