Home Intruder Shot

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(Memphis) Police say a burglar was shot by someone protecting their home.

Police say the suspect tried to break into a home on North Parkway when he ran into some people on the inside.

Diana Wong got the phone call from her mom that something was wrong, “I just want to speak to my roommates. I just want to make sure that they are ok.”

“I think someone was trying to break into their house,” said Karina Tong, Diana’s mom. “That's my house that my daughter lives in with her two roommates.”

The mother and daughter waited for information Wednesday from police outside the North Parkway home, where authorities say one of Diana’s roommates shot the burglar that tried to break in.

Police took the two people who were home at the time down to a police precinct to find out what exactly happened.

“It’s kind of concerning,” said Neighbor Jessica Majia. “People are single and are at home by themselves all the time.”

Majia says she saw the police and ambulance pull-up to take the wounded burglar away. She says whoever decided to shoot did the right thing, “If someone is going to come in my house and it’s going to be me or you? I`m going to get you before you get me.”

Police say the burglar kicked the door down to get in before he was shot.

Diana says she was in class when it all happened.

Her German Shepherd puppy however was in the house but survived the ordeal.