Gov. Haslam Says No To Medicaid Expansion

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(Nashville, TN) Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam says he will not pursue expanding the state’s Medicaid Program to cover those who are uninsured under the federal Affordable Care Act.

Haslam made the announcement this morning during a joint session with state lawmakers.

The Governor said he would like an option to use federal money to subsidize private insurance rather than have the state run it.

Haslam said he is worried about unknown costs which the state would face if it set up its own program.

So far, the Obama administration has refused that proposal.

Accepting the funds would mean 1.4 billion in federal funds.

It’s estimated as many as one million are uninsured in Tennessee.

Sen. Brian Kelsey (R), sponsor of bill to block Medicaid expansion, “I applaud Governor Haslam’s decision today to reject Medicaid expansion as envisioned by ObamaCare in this year’s budget.”