Women Accused Of Stealing Luggage From Memphis Airport

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(Memphis) Some passengers at Memphis International weren't too happy last month when they couldn't find their luggage.

It wasn't lost, but stolen right off the carousel.

Airport police say February 13-15, five passengers reported their bags missing.

They say the same nights surveillance video captured 38-year-old Melinda Arger and 37-year-old Ashley Burnett walking outside the airport with the missing luggage and place it on the back of a pickup truck.

Passengers we talked to were surprised it happened the Memphis Airport, but can see how easy it would be to walk away with someone's bags.

"All you have to do is just come up and grab anything, you know. Just grab it," said Kiana Shaw.

The airport says there is not much that could have been done to prevent the thefts.

They say the area isn't large enough to cordon off to non passengers.

Arger and Burnett are both charged with theft.

Airport police estimate the total loss to passengers at just under $7,500.