Two Suspected Robbers Arrested While Eating at Chicken Joint

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(Memphis) Two suspected robbers are arrested grabbing a bite to eat at a fast food chicken joint, minutes after they held up a group of men.

“Cops came from everywhere. This way, that way, they had the place surrounded, the swat team was back there,” exclaimed Cleo Soileau.

He watched a crazy show Monday in this convenience store parking lot next to the Church's Chicken on South Third.

“They had somebody on the ground in there. It was so hectic,” said Soileau.

Police busted Martrell Murphy and Jasper Woods.

The two are accused of breaking up a game of dice between several men and robbing them at gunpoint in the Valley Forge apartments.

Police say the duo then took off to get some chicken a few blocks away.

“There were more cops going this way, like they passed by and were going after another person,” said Soileau.

They were, police went back to the apartments to find Demetrius Key.

He was also playing dice. According to the police report, the suspects say the whole robbery was Key's idea the night before.

“Set them up. Wow! Who needs friends,” said Soileau.

Cleo says there's even more twists to the story, “The most ridiculous thing was people were still trying to buy chicken line. Swear to God, got to have that chicken man."

Cleo is shocked to have witnessed the tail end of a robbery, involving betrayal and buckets of chicken.

But happy no one was hurt, while in line to get some food.

“Gotta get it. It was lunch time, got to hurry up and get back to work,” said Soileau.