Officers Involved In Deadly Shooting Had Previous Reprimands

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(Memphis) News Channel 3 has been looking through the personnel files of Memphis Police Officers Forrest Wright and Brandon Hatley.

They are the two police officers who confronted 63-year-old Horace Whiting in the street at Mississippi Boulevard and Danny Thomas on March 10.

They say Whiting refused to drop a gun, then began firing the weapon.

That's when they shot and killed Whiting.

Monday, we looked through the MPD personnel file of the two officers.

Officer Forrest Wright's almost 10 years with MPD is filled with commendations, including a 2006 nomination for Officer of the Year and a 2006 Expert Firearms Award.

But it's tempered by his apparent penchant for time off.

In 2005 and again in 2009 he was given a reprimand for abusing the sick leave policy, after calling in sick 6 times in 12 months.

In 2005, Wright failed to put his squad car in park and it rolled into the back of a car he had stopped.

He was given an oral reprimand, issued a citation and made to go to driving school.

In 2006, a stop at the Hooters restaurant in downtown Memphis got Wright reprimanded for leaving duty without authorization.

He was supposed to have been answering a 911 call, but was eating at Hooters with several other officers.

In his disciplinary hearing, he said the Hooters was closer than eating at a restaurant in his ward in Raleigh.

In 2010, Wright got another reprimand for carelessly handling equipment after driving into an 8 inch concrete slab while checking out a business burglary.

There are fewer infractions against Officer Brandon Hatley, who joined MPD in 2008.

The only incident  was in 2009 when he wrecked a squad car.

He says he didn't realize the road ended and jerked the steering wheel, causing the car toslide out of control, flip and land in a ditch.

Officer Hatley and his partner weren't hurt but crawled out through a window.

The car had $7,000 in damage.

Hatley said he was going 35 or 40 miles per hour, but investigators say it appears he was fish-tailing.

That landed him with a 7 day suspension and 8 hours of driving school.

Officers Wright and Hatley are still on leave after shooting and killing Horace Whiting.

We are told they will remain off duty as MPD investigates what happened.