Campaign Signs Up in DeSoto County

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(DeSoto County, MS) Zip ties, nails and a crew proved to be what candidates in DeSoto County needed this weekend as they gear up for primary elections in May. It wasn't until now that candidates could start putting up signs.

“My grandsons and I are putting up our big signs, trying to get some interest stirred up,” said Horn Lake Mayor Nat Baker.

To put out their signs, candidates had to dodge the rain. For weeks, Mayoral and Alderman candidates in Southaven, Olive Branch and Horn Lake have been making their cases on the web, campaigning through Facebook and Twitter. But now their names are on the screens and streets.

“I`m prepared to see a lot of traffic up and down the highway,” said voter Rico Tyson.

Current Horn Lake Mayor Nat Baker hopes the sights along the highway will sway voters to let him continue his job.

“My commitment to economic development has really stirred in the last eight years,” said Baker.

His challenger Allen Latimer says he wants to bring jobs to Horn Lake too, but adds he also wants to focus on families in the city.

“It was a wonderful place when I grew up. I hope voters have the same experience,” said Latimer.

In Southaven, eight people are vying for the mayor's seat and many more are duking it out for the Alderman positions. Candidate Shirley Beshears wants to see change after  controversy has swirled around city hall for the last year.

“Restore credibility, accountability. I will not rubber stamp and waste money on our tax dollars,” said Beshears.

Tyson says this campaign stretch is not about who he sees most. He wants to see which candidate is talking about school safety.

“There is a lot of violence in schools, just trying to keep it to minimum,” said Tyson.