Tiger Nation Gathers To Cheer On Team

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(Memphis) Fans who couldn't make it to the game in Michigan geared up to cheer on the hometown team.

Tiger nation gathered at watch parties all across the Mid-South and poured their heart and soul into cheering on tigers.

The tiger watch party at Buffalo Wild Wings near Highland might have been one of the loudest places in Memphis.

It was standing room only as Tiger nation cheered on the hometown team

This isn't a day when many companies are going to get much out of their employees as fans keep with their teams.

Mid-Southerners took off work, called in sick and made deals with their bosses so they could support tigers together.

"I showed up to work at 6:00 this morning," said Mike Patell. "[My bosses] let me off early to come watch the game because they know I'm a huge tiger fan."

Leslie Williams added, "Well, I'm retired so I didn't have to skip. I had just had to go somewhere, but its a lot more fun going somewhere to watch it with friends."

Watch parties took place all over the city.

People kept saying they love how well tiger basketball brings the town together.

Many look forward to doing it again on Saturday when the Memphis take on Michigan State.