Parents Weigh In On Superintendent Search

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(Memphis) With no officially named superintendent in place to oversee the school merger, parents are weighing in on who they want.

The consultant group hired by the school board had its second public meeting Thursday night.

Unlike its first meeting, there was a large turnout.

About 40 parents showed up at Houston High in Germantown.

When the consultant group asked what the parents want in their next superintendent, there was one name heard over and over again, John Aitkin.

"The one thing that is most important is who can run the schools," Parent Suzanne Walls said. "I feel like we lost it when we lost John Aitkin. I don't just want someone with a PHD to be the top candidate."

The parents, mostly suburban, showed the consultant group they're passionate about the direction of the new district.

"I want them to see the face of the suburban parents. We had no voice in this. This has been totally against our will," Walls said.

Several parents took the opportunity to point out past problems.

"The fact there are more people working at the MCS board of education than people working with the students in the buildings at the schools, that bothers me as a parent and I don't want that to happen any longer," Jennifer Proseus said.

Others urged finding someone focused on the fundamentals.

"We really got to focus in on the very basics the reading writing and the science," Delane Burrage said.

If you weren't able to make it to one of the sessions with the consultants to offer your ideas you can post them online.