Memphis Schools Say Fight Game Not Prevalent Despite Claim

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(Memphis)  A Memphis middle school student is recovering at home after he was beaten in a game being played out at schools around the country.

It’s called the “10 Second Game”. It’s a game many parents know nothing about.

Lorayne Thomas said her 13-year-old son, Marcus, is staying home until Memphis City Schools transfer him away from Lanier Middle.

He got four stitches across his head, a swollen nose and a busted lip after he was forced to play a game called “10 Seconds” inside the locker room.

“They said go and he started swinging and it caught me off guard,” said Marcus.

The On Your Side Investigators looked up fight games on the web and got tons of hits on YouTube.

They showed school kids videotaping and uploading for bragging rights them brutally beating each other for 10 seconds, 30 seconds in restrooms and locker rooms across the country.

The report from Lanier’s principal says it’s likely not the first time students have “gone 10” at his school.

However, when the On Your Side Investigators questioned Memphis City Schools’ security they were unaware of the game.

The Director of School Engagement, Ron Pope, said of the principal’s note,
“I don’t know how he’s coming up with that assertion. We would be monitoring that. Fights have actually decreased in our schools, not increased.”

Still, parents like Loryane Thomas say there is proof it is happening.

The evidence she says is in the photos of her bruised and beaten 13-years-old.

“I went to Le Bohneur and I seen other children waiting to get help. They had told me this little boy went to private school. He said it's in the private school the 10-10 is going on. It's in almost all the schools,” said Thomas.