Castle Law Questions

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(DeSoto County, MS) Since Mississippi adopted what’s called the “Castle Law,” defense attorneys say the self-defense law comes up on a regular basis.

”It’s fairly often. It’s gonna be needed any time you have a murder or manslaughter in someone’s house but it comes up, legitimately, fairly often,” said Defense Attorney Jim Franks.

But there’s a question as to whether those cases get an adequate investigation.

Some law enforcement sources who didn’t want to be identified have told us it’s their understanding that if someone invokes the castle law, they can’t even investigate, that the case stops there.

At our request, Franks and the DeSoto District attorney have asked Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood’s office for a verification, or an explanation.

So far, we haven’t heard back.

Even defense attorneys say just dropping a case after a castle law claim, without an investigation just doesn’t make sense.

”I think they’ve got to. I don’t see how you can instruct a police department not to at least investigate a crime, a potential crime,” Franks explained.

He, and others say it’s best to leave no questions unanswered.