Man Wrestles Robber to the Ground

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(Memphis)  Police say a Memphis man went from victim to hero when he wrestled his attacker to the ground.

Dan White says he was leaving the Omega Express convenience store on Winchester Road when a man approached him asking for change for his $20 bill.

When White reached in his pocket that’s when the robber pulled-out a gun.

“That damn gun was as long as Third Street,” said White.  “He pulled it out to go and shoot and I instantly went and grabbed him.

White says in this case a bigger gun didn't help the bad guy, “It took him so long to get the gun out. Maybe if he would have had a shorter gun he would've had the upper-hand on me but he didn’t.”

Dan says he wrestled the robber to the ground not knowing how things would end, “All I could think about was ‘Man! I got three kids and you pulled a gun on me and we are tussling and either one of us could be dead’.”

Police say Reginald Jones ended-up losing the grip on his gun.  It lay in the parking lot as Dan sat on Jones' chest until officers arrived. “I was telling him ‘Look. I have kids. Man. I have three kids. You are out here trying to rob folks.  You get out here and work for what you want.”

Dan says Jones didn't show any remorse but tried to convince him let him go, “He was trying to bribe me saying ‘I got money in my pocket’.  I didn't want none of that.”

What Dan wanted was to get the guy in jail, “It was the longest five, ten minutes of my life.”

Jail is exactly where Jones is now, with a memory of who not to mess with next time, “He is definitely going to remember me.”

Dan’s advice for people is to always trust your intuition because he knew something was wrong even before he was approached by the robber.

Police say Jones’ gun was loaded with six bullets and had a 9.5 inch barrel.

He's been charged with attempted aggravated robbery and being held on a $25,000 bond.