Man Accused Of Dragging Officer With His Car

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(Memphis) A man with a history of running from police is behind bars accused of dragging a Memphis police officer with his car.

Police said it happened earlier this month when two officers pulled over Tyrone Johnson at Dunn and Airways for driving with a questionable tag and windows tinted too dark to see inside.

Police said while one officer was running his license number another saw him reach for something between the seats and thought it might be a weapon.

They said the officer told him to get out of the car and he refused.

They said that’s when the officer reached in to pull Johnson out and he took off with the officer still inside.

Police said Johnson dragged the officer about 75 feet before he Johnson fell to the ground and said he did it.

His three-year-old old son was sitting in the front seat without any child restraints.

Johnson’s neighbor said he’s lucky the toddler wasn’t hurt.

“They have accidents like that. They get thrown out. So, it’s dangerous, ” said Evelyn Boga.

Johnson’s mother told us her son didn’t do anything wrong and said the officers attacked him.

Court records, however, show that in 2001 Johnson pleaded guilty to intentionally evading arrest in an automobile.

In 2010 he was again charged with running from police in his car, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

He is now facing at least one charge of aggravated assault.

Kevin Tharphe received cuts, and bruises to his hand, leg and hip when he fell, but was not seriously hurt.