Cars Vandalized and Torched in Downtown Garage

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(Memphis) Paul Giovanini is accused of breaking into two parked cars on Saint Patrick's Day in a parking garage on Peabody Place between Second and Third.

Giovanini is even accused of setting one of them on fire.

Despite the recent vandalism, the Memphis Downtown Commission says garages are safe.

Paul Morris, president of the commission says when crime happens downtown, it's often stopped because there's usually witnesses, police and cameras that catch it.

According to the police report that's what happened in Giovanini’s case.

Someone spotted him and called 911.

Officers and firefighters got to the cars before more damage was done and he was arrested on the spot.

“This is an anomaly, it's a rare occurrence. When it happens, we take it very seriously but your chance of being a victim of crime downtown is incredibly low,” said Morris.

It’s a chance Morris says he isn't taking lightly, he lives, works and parks downtown, “If you come downtown, it`s a safe environment."

Giovanini is currently in jail on a $15,000 bond.