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Tipton County Employees Under Arrest For Landfill Thefts

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(Brighton, TN) The saying goes, ‘one man's trash is another man's treasure’, but it’s that very idea that landed two Tipton County Public Works employees behind bars.

The two were allegedly stealing from a landfill, but what they stole is revenue for the county.

“If you're stealing, then you've got to pay the price,” said Susan Delatorre who lives in Tipton County.

She is surprised by what two public works employees are accused of doing; stealing from a landfill.

“If it were my child that were caught stealing, I would punish them and they need to be punished too,” said Delatorre.

James Latham and William Holland were picked up Thursday, indicted on charges of theft less than $10,000.

News Channel 3 wasn't able to get its hands on the indictment Friday, but the Public Works director said the two allegedly stole metal from the landfill that county residents were dropping off.

Scrap metal is about the only thing of value that you're going to find in a landfill and it happens to be a source of revenue for the county. It will scrap the metal itself for money.

People say taking from the scraps is like stealing from taxpayers.

“If you're working for the county, you know you're not supposed to do anything like that,” said Lillie Wilson.

Delatorre added, “The economy is bad now and if they're stealing from the county, that's money that you're taking away from everybody.”

As for the employee's county jobs, the director says actions will be taken early next week. Latham and Holland go before a judge on Tuesday.