“Guns in Parking Lot” Bill Signed into Law

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(Memphis) The person parking next to you at work or the grocery store may soon be packing heat.

Friday Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed the “guns in parking lots” bill into law allowing certain gun owners to keep their weapon in a locked car.

Starting July 1st, some gun owners in Tennessee will be able to keep their hand guns in their car while they're at work.

Anyone who wants to must have a handgun carry permit.

The state law includes schools, airports, daycare centers, and colleges.

“If you have a permit to carry a gun why shouldn`t you be allowed to keep it in your car when you go into work? Maybe people have it because of the area they work in,” said gun owner Joe Canepari.

Canepari does think there should be some limits.

The state agrees.  The law doesn`t keep business owners from adopting gun free polices on their property and punishing people who violate it.

Desiree Bruce thinks the state law should be more clear when it comes to guns on school property.

“Shouldn`t no gun be on a school campus unless it`s a police officer, security or etc.,” said Bruce.

Corwin Taper doesn`t like the idea of guns in parking lots at all.

“You`re asking for trouble when you take guns into the workforce.  You`re asking for trouble if you let guns in.  What if someone gets fired? The first thing they are going to do is go get that gun,” said Taper.

Lineta Reed supports the law for the most part, but she says there are drawbacks.

“You know, with all the break-ins we have in Memphis and the high crime rates I don`t want the guns to fall into the wrong and irresponsible hands,” said Reed.

There are nearly four hundred thousand gun carry permits in the state of Tennessee.

If you have a permit and a gun in the car you must be parked legally and have your gun stored out of sight.