Day Six In Search For Walnut Ridge, Ar Teenage Girl

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(Lawrence County, AR) More law enforcement, volunteers and rescue groups are showing up to help in the search for 14-year old Sidney Nicole Randall.

The teenager was last seen Saturday night at home in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas which is  ninety miles west of Memphis.

The girl was believed to be with her stepfather when she disappeared.

But John Cornell was found dead Monday and there's been no sign of the girl.

No one wants Sidney home as much as her mother, Denise Cornell, "She's a beautiful, beautiful daughter. And she's sweet and she's kind."

Denise Cornell's faith remains strong, saying Wednesday she expected Sidney to come  back home soon, "We need her home, because she has a pageant coming up."

Friday marks day six in the effort to find the 14-year old.

Walnut Ridge Police Chief Richy Thatcher says the search has yielded few if any clues, "Yea, we are kind of getting a little down because we haven't located any hard evidence or anything that's actually giving us a direction to actually go in."

Chief Thatcher says efforts to find Sidney have expanded to the north, west and south parts of Lawrence County.

He says there will be no shortage of people looking in the days to come, "People from all over the United States, really, calling and wanting to help. And we're looking at different avenues to go down for next week."

"It's enough to make you cry."

The story of Sidney's disappearance has touched people who don't even know her or her family.

Jim McMillon fears the worst as more days go by and Sidney isn't found, "It's hard for me to understand how the lord could let something like that happen. And I do feel like something bad has happened."

Walnut Ridge Police are still urging residents to check their property, especially any barns or abandoned buildings, for signs of Sidney Randall.