Prosecutor Pulls Deal From 15-Year-Old After Victim Dies

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(Memphis) A deal with a convicted teen is off.

Shelby County prosecutors pulled the deal off the table after the victim he brutally beat, died.

Part of the agreement meant the 15-year-old would be tried as an adult in exchange for testifying against his buddies.

The July 25th robbery and kidnapping left the victim, 61-year-old Jessie Wilson, in a coma for months.

He died September 30th and now Shelby County prosecutors want the teen back in court and tried as an adult.

Wilson was left bloodied and beaten inside his downtown apartment.

Surveillance video led to the capture of the teen suspects.

The youngest, a 15-year-old, testified against the three others but now he too could find himself where they are in jail with grown men.

“You don't want to hear of someone losing their life over something like what's happened to him,” said Mary Smith, victim’s neighbor.

The teen’s lawyer told the On Your Side Investigators he’ll ask the case stay in juvenile court because the boy has already been tried and convicted.

He says the teen made a deal but prosecutors aren’t signing off on this one.

The robbery netted the teen $20 and some oatmeal pies and juice he got from raiding the victim’s refrigerator now it could cost him his life.

“As a 15-year-old, that's harsh but it happened and the blame has to be laid somewhere,” said Smith.

The 15-year-old is in DCS custody at Wilder Youth Center and could have been released at 19. The hearing to determine if he’ll be tried as an adult is March 27th.