Southaven Concerned About LED Lights On Convenience Stores

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(Southaven, MS) They’re a bright beacon in the night along local roads.

Bright LED lights lining the windows of stores within a dozen or so feet of traffic.

”I’ve seen ‘em. I think businesses are gonna do whatever they can to attract attention and if it works for ‘em, it works," said motorist Stephanie Voyles.

Southaven leaders aren’t so sure it works for them.

They worry, the bright lights might distract drivers, and annoy anybody living nearby.

The Planning Department already has complaints.

”A few, yes we’ve had constituents call in about the brightness of ‘em and the fact it looks a little like Christmas decor,” said Planning Director Whitney Choat-Cook.

Some of the lights do change colors, and move like a marquee sign.

More and more, convenience stores, liquor store and even neighborhood markets are using the LED lights to attract attention, and hopefully customers.

Southaven leaders are worried that the lights are catching on a little too quickly, so planners are looking into what they can do to curb their use.

”It’s all new territory for us and it may be something we regulate by time, it may be something we regulate by permit, it may be something we can’t regulate at all, but we’re gonna investigate it,” said Choat-Cook.

And while that idea has some support, it’s not universal ”Just leave it alone. It’s not too gaudy. No," said Voyles.

Southaven leaders say they don’t know how long it will take to research their options and come up with an idea of what, if anything to do about the bright LED lights.