Alternative Spring Break Comes to Memphis

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(Memphis) 50 college students from Howard University are spending their spring break in Memphis giving back.

It’s called Alternative Spring break and the students are keeping themselves, as well as some Memphis high school students busy.

The college students are preparing a Sexually Transmitted Disease prevention class, tutoring and helping Memphis high school students prepare for their ACTs. Organizers from the Memphis Urban League Young Professionals hope local high school students can find mentors in the Howard students.

“The status quo is usually someone who is a professor or some seasoned individual I would say coming to speak to kids but they sometimes just don’t have that connection. So to have someone 16 or 17 talking to a 19 or 20 year old that’s like their big brothers big sister. So they can say two years ago I remember when I had to do my college application and these are some things I did and people I reached out to,” said Trey Carter with MULYP.

“One thing we definitely want to push is the talent retention. So now hopefully we can touch some of the students from Howard and say Memphis is a great city, we want to push the city and if you feel there is an opportunity here, please come back. We invite you with open arms,” added Carter.