Shelby County Prosecutor Attacked At Home

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(Memphis) Detectives are trying to find out what sparked a brutal attack against a Shelby County Prosecutor at her home.

There are no arrests so far in the assault against Kate Edmands.

At the Criminal Justice Center, where she works, no one is talking about her attack last week.

Right now Edmands is in intensive care at the hospital after the beating she received in her home.

Detectives won’t say if she was attacked as some sort of retaliation for a case on which she worked.

They also won’t say if she knew her attacker and how that person got inside her home.

Because of Edmands position, the Memphis Police Department is not handling the investigation.

“That case has been turned over to the TBI, we are no longer involved in that,” advised Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong.

A spokesperson with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says once they wrap up their investigation, they will hand over what they find to the District Attorney’s office.

Shelby County District Attorney, Amy Weirich, wasn’t available for an interview, but did release statement to News Channel 3 asking for continued prayers and support for Edmands.