Big Field Vying for Southaven Mayor’s Job

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(Southaven, MS) If you talk to candidates running for Southaven Mayor, you hear a common Theme.

”I’d like to reclaim the dignity of Southaven,” said popular police officer Jerald Wheeler, who has lived and worked in Southaven all his life.

Wheeler says public safety tops his priority list, ”I wanna keep our schools safe and secure and I want to keep our streets safe and secure. If you’ve got a good police department and ambulance with all the resources that go with it, people move here."

Former fireman Josh Anderson promises to make Southaven government more responsive to voters, ”I think we forget that we’re not necessarily politicians, we’re public servants and we serve the citizens and not the other way around, they’re our boss so we answer to them."

Former Memphis Police Major Coria Williams is running as a Democrat along with former Alderman Harold Moore, and wants an open and honest administration.

”I think that we should have a transparent government, a government where people are involved more to get feedback from the people to allow us to have input on decision making," said Williams.

DeSoto Supervisor Mark Gardner wants to continue helping Southaven grow, with a focus on bringing in business, ”Government doesn’t create jobs, but creates and environment where it’s attractive for business to come to town and that’s important, our people need jobs and we’re gonna work hard on business recruitment."

Other candidates for Mayor include Christopher Klass, Darrell Musselwhite and Former Alderman Gerald Clifton.

Republicans and Democrats face off in the primary May 7th, with a runoff, if needed, a couple of weeks later.

Independent candidate and incumbent Greg Davis joins the ballot for the General Election June 4th.