Cops Leave Patrol Car Unlocked, Suspect Escapes

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(Blythville, AR) - Police are looking for a man who escaped from a squad car outside a hospital in Blytheville.

Police say several people ended up at the hospital late Saturday night after a shooting at a social club on Division Street.

“Somebody left came back with a gun, shot the place up and then left and shot it up some more,” Blytheville resident Bill Rhoads said.

Police say those shots hit four people. The victims were taken to the Great River Medical Center, a half mile down the road.

While police were investigating the shooting at the hospital, people inside the lobby started to brawl.

Cordney Harris, 25, was arrested for disorderly conduct.  He was cuffed and placed in a patrol car.

Then another fight broke out sending officers running back inside.

“It was just a chaotic scene,” Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson said.

As the police ran into the hospital they forgot to lock the patrol car. Someone standing in the parking lot came up and let Harris out.

With his handcuffs still on Harris got away, but the man who helped him escape did not.

Police arrested Dominique Copeland for public intoxication and hindering apprehension.

Police blame the escape on the hectic scene.

“The officer that put the person in the back of the car, we don`t even believe it was his car at the time, there were several cars out there and there several officers that were involved. So I don`t even know that the officer who had control of the car actually even knew in the moment that there was someone in the back seat of it,” Thompson said.

People in Blytheville had mixed reactions to police letting a man escape from the back of a squad car.

“I think it’s ridiculous because if they handcuffed him you’re not supposed to be getting out of those cars,” resident Bennie Northern said.

“That`s just being a human being I guess,” Rhoads said.

While Harris remains on the run the people responsible for the shooting, Jervontae Cox and Christopher Alrdridge, are behind bars. They are both held on $150,000 bond each.

The owner of the social club is also facing charges.