Twin Sisters Charged With Trashing House Upon Eviction

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(Memphis) Twin sisters are charged with trashing their home after getting kicked out by the landlord.

Memphis police arrested Torshia and Toresha Farris for destroying the inside of the home in North Memphis.

Broken glass still littered the walkway outside the home on Marble Avenue. “I feel it’s kind of crazy,” said Nikki Santana, who grew up across the street. “Damaging people's property is just not right.”

Police say it all started last month when the landlord evicted the two women.

A final walk through with the landlord went well according to a police report, but when he came back the landlord found the home trashed.

Investigators say the twins kicked holes in the drywall, broke out every window in the house and left the water running, flooding the home.

“That right there is just asinine to me,” said Santana.

One neighbor told News Channel 3 off camera that the Farris sisters mentioned they were going to destroy the house because the landlord never fixed anything, but people on the street say vandalizing as revenge is not the way to go about it.

“It’s not right to do that if someone is telling you to leave because you're not paying the bills, then it’s not right to damage someone's property,” Santana said.

The twins were finally picked up by police within a day of each other and charged with Vandalism for causing almost $3,000 in damage to the home. Santana believes there was an easier way, “Just get your stuff and move out. Leave. How hard is that?”

As for the landlord, he couldn't be tracked down on Wednesday.