Sovereign Citizen Squattng In East Memphis Accused of Violent Past

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(Memphis) Tabitha Gentry filed a form with government in January claiming ownership of a $3 Million house on Shady Grove Drive in East Memphis.

In her filing, Genrty said she inherited this property as a citizen of the Moorish Republic.

After an alleged violent run in with police just a few months ago, the home could turn into a dangerous scene if police need to forcibly remove her and the other people in that house.

Memphis police claim Gentry tried to run over officers when they pulled her over for driving without headlights in October.

According to the police affidavit Gentry told them she was a sovereign citizen and didn't have to follow the law.

She was charged, but never prosecuted, and the district attorney's office says it's because lower courts didn't think there was enough evidence.

Now the self-proclaimed citizen of the Moorish Republic is laying claim to a foreclosed house on Shady Grove and seven other properties.

The Moorish Nation is a faction of the sovereign citizens movement.

"I was wondering if he has the gate code, because I've got he gate code and I don't know how he got in," said Daniel Brown who cleans the home's pool.

Brown says he came to work last Wednesday, but the gate was chained shut with no trespassing signs.

The new occupants even put out a red flag in front of the house and a sign posted to the gate.

"It just said the bank couldn't own the property and they were the original deed owners of the property and they had all the titles and codes and everything written on there," said Brown.

Neighbors says at least four people, including children have been squatting in this house since last week.

Vallie Jo Bell lives across the street and is worried about her new neighbors, "It does make you nervous because we have had out cars broken into so that sort of thing can happen with all that going on in the neighborhood."

Bell and other neighbors say now that police know the people are squatting here they will execute a search warrant and remove them from this house.

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