Food Trucks Are Great Option For Building A Business

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(Memphis) Some trucks in Memphis are trading the smell of exhaust for the smell of delicious treats.

Food truckers in Memphis are getting ready for their busiest season and helping foodies start-up their own truck business.

"It's great food, right!? And it's where you work," said Memphis Food Truckers Association President Taylor Berger.

Berger says opening a food truck can be a great option for someone looking to open a small business.

"The start-up costs of a restaurant are half a million dollars but these guys can get in and start their concept for a small portion of that," said Berger.

Berger says the association will help people creat a business plan, find a truck and even get the proper permits from the city.

He says the city of Memphis has been very food truck friendly in the past two years, but they are trying to get access to even more parks around town.

There are two food trucks here today there are over two dozen operating food trucks here in Memphis, and Stuffed Food Truck is one of the newest in the city.

"It just takes a lot of hours you know. It's not something easy. You're putting in twelve to sixteen hour days," said Stuffed Food Truck owner Hunter Lotz.

Lotz and his business partner Derek King bought their truck on Craigslist.

They say unlike other businesses where competition can be a bad thing the more the merry for food trucks .

"Competition is stiff but we really like to work together. More trucks draw a larger crowd," said King.

There is a Food truck rodeo planned at Tiger Lane for March 30th to celebrate Memphis and it's food trucks.