Cordova Soldier Shot And Killed By Child

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(Memphis) He spent years in Iraq and Kuwait, now Army Sergeant James Fleming is dead.

Friends say a child he knew, shot him, right inside his home near Ft. Carson, Colorado.

“He defended the person who killed him”, said Patrick Chapman.

Chapman knew Fleming for years.

The soldier grew up in Cordova.

Chapman knows the family well, but wouldn't say why the child living with Fleming would shoot him.

“As far as I know everyone loved him” said Ann Griggs, a family friend.

Fleming's parents rushed from their home as soon as they got the news.

Neighbors said they always worried when he was in the war zone, not in his own home.

A yellow wreath sits on his parents’ door.

Neighbors said they were extremely close to their son and made sure the whole neighborhood knew it

“The first year I lived here on the fourth of July there was a flag on my mailbox” said Chapman. “That's Pam.”

They're praying for answers but the story gets more confusing.

The sheriff's office didn't arrest the child who shot Fleming, reportedly saying there's no risk to the public.