Ridgeway Scandal Turns Into He Said She Said Battle

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(Memphis) It’s a story of he said, she said.

Chaundrea Nicolle, 34, and her husband McKinzey Sewell, 18, are giving very different accounts about what lead up to the basketball scandal at Ridgeway High School.

They don't even agree on where the two met.

He says he met her because he played basketball with her son in a summer league.

She claims, “He was working out with a friend of mine.”

The two agree they quickly fell in love, but she said he starting lying.

“He told me he was adopted and he wasn't adopted. I just found that out two months ago. It’s just lie after lie. He cheated and I forgave him. He did it again and I forgave him,” he said.

She said to make that up to her, he married her.

That brings up another difference in their stories.

“At that time things were good. He had done something and he wanted to prove himself to me and he did it,” she said.

He claims she forced him to do it.

“She didn't want me going to Ridgeway because of the girls there. The only way she was letting me back there was if she signed the wedding papers,” he said.

As for the document that was forged to get him into school, Chaundrea said her husband forged it, “He told me someone emailed me his transcript."

He said he gave her the real transcript and she changed.

“I knew nothing about the paperwork,” Sewell said.

But the two do agree two things.

This whole mess at Ridgeway is the other one's fault, and the real victims are the players on the Ridgeway Basketball Team who aren't going to state because of this ordeal.

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