New Oakland Mayor Vows Transparency and Ethics

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(Oakland, TN) The trust of some people in Oakland may have been shattered after the resignation of Mayor Scott Ferguson due to a scandalous affair and accusations of misuse of city money.

This makes the second mayor in a row to leave the Oakland mayor's office in shame.

Bank operation consultant Chris Goodman will serve out the four remaining years of Scott Ferguson's term, “We just want to get that community back and bring us together and have that happy environment."

Goodman's predecessor, a former preacher, told News Channel 3 in an exclusive interview he admitted to cheating on his wife and resigned to restore a relationship with her and their four children.

“It's deteriorated the integrity of the office I'm just one man and all I can do is maintain what I have through the election process,” said Goodman.

Ferguson claims the resignation is not related the state audit into the misuse of city funds.

Ferguson isn't the first Oakland mayor in hot water.

Former mayor Bill Mullins was forced out of office in 2010 because he was found guilty of three state charges of misusing city money.

Ferguson replaced him then, but now finds himself under investigation.

Mayor Goodman says he plans to restore the trust of the people here in Oakland by finishing the audit that would reveal any wrong doing by the former mayor.

He says transparency of government will be his top priority so the people here won't have any reason to worry, “I bring into this my personal ethics and my spiritual guidance and it's all about the people you gather around you. As long as I keep the citizens around me watching and seeing then it doesn't become an issue."