South Panola District Issues Warning About Religious Messages

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(Batesville, MS) Frances Ginn says it seems like we’re raising a nation of what she calls “heathens” since God took a backseat in public classrooms, ”Should teachers and principals be able to put a Bible verse at the end of their e-mails? Absolutely, absolutely!"

School districts across Mississippi are limiting that kind of speech to ward off trouble with the American Civil Liberties Union.

This all started when the ACLU sent a letter to school leaders in Lincoln County warning them about participating and promoting religious activities not allowed under Federal law.

It was the topic of discussion at a recent statewide meeting of school superintendents.

South Panola superintendent Mike Foster recently put out the word, and some school leaders have asked employees to scrub religious references from e-mails and letters, even prayer requests

”They should not restrict anybody from talking about religion, anywhere. I think it’s terrible,” said Karen Crowson of Panola County.

Superintendent Foster said he didn’t have time to talk in detail about the move, but said it was done in an effort to prevent problems.

”They don’t take God seriously and I think we should have prayer in the schools,” Ginn declared.

But as long as watchdog groups keep checking on such things, prayer’s not likely to return either.