Bartlett Crimestoppers in Need of Funds

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(Bartlett, TN) Bartlett Crimestoppers is asking citizens for donations, in order to replenish the funds that offer rewards for tips that help police solve cases.

The president of Bartlett Crimestoppers, Beverly Holmgren, said they are now down to $500.

“We don’t get a lot of donations…We let the fund dwindle down to about $500, so easily that could be gone overnight,” Holmgren said.

Anyone who calls 382-MONY can remain anonymous. If a tip leads to a suspect’s arrest, Bartlett Police can award the tipster a certain amount of money.

The group is asking people to write checks made out to Bartlett Crimestoppers. Donors can mail the checks to:

Bartlett Police Department

Attn: Crimestoppers c/o Lt. Halford

3730 Appling Rd. Bartlett, TN 38133

Holmgren said the anonymity is another important function of Crimestoppers: “Most people don’t want to get involved these days, and they’re afraid there will be some repercussions.”

Recently, the most high-profile Crimestoppers tip led to the arrest of Joe Caronna, for the murder of his wife, Tina.

“There was a clerk at the McDonalds in Jackson, TN who happened to see Mr. Caronna at a motel there, and called the [Bartlett] tip line,” Holmgren said.

That person was awarded $1,000.

Three weeks ago, News Channel 3 reported a suspected robber wanted by Bartlett police. Jaqui Dawson was accused of robbing people at their doorstep.

One of his victims is Norma Martin.

Martin said that recently police contacted them.

“Thank God. The detective called my husband and told him they got the guy. And we are very glad, very happy,” Martin said.

While they don’t know exactly how the police caught him, they know the importance of Crimestoppers for victims like them.

“We need to work together with the police department without any reward. But if they want that, it’s fine.”

She said if money is what makes someone pick up the phone to help, we should all donate.

“The police department, Channel 3, everybody is working together with the community. I feel more safe,” Martin said.