Officer Accused of Flashing Gun at Motorist Fired

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(Memphis) - Another Memphis police officer fired.

Officer Darrell Malone was terminated Thursday after an administrative hearing for intimidating a citizen.

He is accused of threatening several people, recently for flashing his gun at a Collierville man. He then later tracked down his cell phone number and threatened him some more.

In a statement to News Chanel 3 his victim reacted to the news.

"It's a sad day when the City of Memphis has to terminate an employee over an ethical issue. I’m not happy he was fired, we all make mistakes, but I'm reassured that MPD took me and my allegations serious."

The pink slip comes just two weeks after Malone was formally charged with harassment after a confrontation with Montgomery back in October.

He spoke to us right on camera right after those charges were filed on February 7th.

“It`s a complete abuse of power.  He stepped across a line that shouldn`t be stepped across.”

Montgomery said back in October Malone flashed a gun at him on Germantown Parkway and threatened him.

When Montgomery called 911 for help, the off-duty officer was able to get Montgomery`s personal cell phone number from 911 dispatcher Jenny Rice.

"I got a phone call from a blocked cell phone number. It was the off-duty police officer again who had gotten my information from dispatch,” he said. “He was making more threats to me.”

Threats that have now cost him his badge.

He will be in court to face his harassment charges in April.