Oakland Records Reveal Mayor’s Expenses

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(Oakland, TN)  Oakland Mayor Scott Ferguson says he is bringing in an independent auditor to review the city's accounts.

“I've asked for that auditor to specifically look into or take note of the amount that we have in our accounts. And we have $2.7 million. I believe the rumor has been we have about $200,000 and I've spent everything up to that point,” said Ferguson.

City records confirm that $2.7 million number.

Ferguson says he's asked the auditor to also focus on his expenses and make sure everything is on the up and up.

The mayor’s expense report shows he took a trip to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville on city money.

“I took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, to Franklin actually and met with the mayor there to discuss their plan and their growth in comparison to our city other than that there are very little if any expenses,” said Ferguson.

The Oakland Board of Alderman is asking for an audit of their own.

The state comptroller is investigated all city finances.

Vice mayor Chris Goodman says he's unaware of the mayor's independent audit, and that is something the board would have to approve.

Mayor Ferguson has called for a retreat at city hall in two weeks to go over the findings of those investigations from that independent auditor as well as the state auditor, “This is an opportunity to lay it down and create that transparency to show people there is nothing amiss taking place in city hall."

That opening meeting is set for March 14.