Group Provides Meals For Homeless

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(Memphis) On a cold February morning, a group of friends is on a mission.

They wanted to give a breakfast "to go" to as many homeless and hungry as they could.

The group of college students was assembled by Elder Michael Scruggs who started volunteering at local shelters while in high school.

Now in his 30s, Scruggs is focused on getting other young people working in the community, "My generation before me instilled in me the importance of giving back and now I'm able to do the exact same thing."

Sometimes they provide an evening meal.

On this day, it's a continental breakfast featuring pop tarts, snack cakes and juices.

No matter the meal or time of day, "friends helping friends" concentrates their efforts in downtown Memphis.

Scruggs says young Memphians cannot afford to miss opportunities to make the city better by helping those who can't help themselves.

The people they're serving today are unemployed and some suffer from obvious mental issues.