Two Candidates for Special Master of School Merger Named

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(Memphis) A federal judge has the names of two people the Shelby County Board of Commission would like to appoint to be the special master that would oversee the merger of Memphis and Shelby County Schools.

The first candidate is Christine Richards who is Executive vice president and General Counsel of the FedEx Corporation.

The other candidate is former Circuit Court Judge George Brown.

Brown says he agreed to be candidate because he thinks it’s his civic duty to serve.

He says his role would be up to the federal judge.

News Channel 3 could not reach Richards for comment.

In their filing to the judge the county said they viewed the special master as a monitor of what was going on at board members to ensure they are implementing the judge’s orders.

Both of the candidates have ties to education.

Judge Brown was on the school board for 13 years and Ms. Richardson was on the Transition Planning Commission.

The suburbs did not submit specific names to the judge, but they do they support the appointment of a special master.

They also recommend to the judge what they thought the role of the special master should be.

Shelby County Commissioners say the judge could appoint one of the two candidates or someone completely different as early as this week.