Private Schools Seeing a Spike Because of School Merger

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(Cordova, TN) Private schools seeing a huge spike of interest as the unified school district flounders in controversy.

Patty Littrell says the number of people coming in to tour Evangelical Christian School has doubled in the past month.

Many of the families are looking into private school for the first time.

“They really honestly tell us it’s out of fear of the unknown. They do not know what going to happen,” said Littrell.

Littrell says ECS typically does a few tours a week, but right now they’re showing around up to eight families every day.

“We are so slammed that we have to have the principals at the lower schools give tours even some of the guidance counselors are giving tours. It has picked up immensely,” said Littrell.

Littrell doesn’t think the interest will peak until after spring break.

They have even had to add an extra night onto their parent interviews.

ECS isn’t the only independent school seeing an increase in interest.

St Benedict Catholic School says they have more people coming in for tours and submitting applications than usual, and they believe it is because of the merging of the schools.

Hutchison School says they have also seen an increase in interest but not applications.

They expect a spike in those once people have a better idea of what the unified board will do.

They’re not the only ones waiting.

Lisa Harris is a Realtor and says the uncertainty is not good for home buyers.

“Schools are always an important factor when buying a house,” said Harris.

Harris says the uncertainty is due to the possibility of teachers moving to new schools, schools closing, and who will lead the district.

All points people looking to move look into.

“It’s a little bit frustrating for them and concerning when their making such a large purchase in a home but there is so much uncertainty that really no one knows,” said Harris.

Harris Says homebuyers are also looking to Desoto county as a safer option because of the uncertainty.