“Fake Cop” Pulls Teen Over Near Forrest City, AR

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(St. Francis Co., AR)  A man using a dash mounted blue light pulled young girl over In St. Francis County, Arkansas.

It happened Saturday in Caldwell, three miles north of Forrest City.

The 17-year-old was unharmed and got away from the man.

St. Francis County Sheriff Bobby May says deputies are on the lookout and he wants the public to be aware of the possible danger,"Whoever's doing this is up to no good. So we're very concerned about it."

Sheriff May is hoping deputies can get the "fake cop" off Arkansas' roadways and behind bars.

Saturday night a 17-year old girl from Wynne was pulled over on a dark stretch of Highway 1 as she drove through the small town of Caldwell,

According to a report filed with the St. Francis County Sheriff's Department, a man driving a car that "looked" like a Dodge Charger, flashed blues lights and the young girl pulled to the side of the road.

The teenaged girl said the man, who was young in appearance, didn't have a badge and the car wasn't marked.

She said he, "came up to the driver's side window, never identified himself and asked her for her driver's license, insurance and registration."

When she asked him if she was in trouble, the man said, "he just wanted to see what she was doing and who she was."  The girl was able to get away and report the incident.

News of what the "fake cop" did has many folks in the county concerned,

"I just hope it doesn't ever happen to me."

But Amber Hughes says she has a plan if the unthinkable does happen,

"Oh yes, I would definitely keep going if I had any doubts that was not a cop. I would definitely keep going and call somebody."

Sheriff Bobby May says that is the best thing for drivers to do if they suspect a "fake cop" is behind them,

"To continue on their way and then stop at some well-lit public place. And if it's a real police officer, then he'll understand."

Ronald Reagan lives along Highway 1.He says the idea of having "fake cops" on the road makes law-abiding folks scared to pull over,

"I'm sure they are, I'm sure they are. Cause if it was the real police, yea,  you're running from the police. I mean it's just scary to think about it."

Call the St. Francis County Sheriff's Department if you can help them find the "fake cop."
with the blue lights.

There was a similar "blue light" incident in October in Craighead County: one involving a female student on her way home to Trumann, Arkansas. 

She also got way, but no one was ever arrested in that case.