911 Call May Reveal Last Moments Of Lorenzen Wright’s Life

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(Memphis) The call came during the early morning hours of July 19, 2010 to Germantown Police.

On the tape are gun shots, cursing, more gun shots and then a 911 operator picks up.

Attorneys for Lorenzen Wright's family believe they were the final moments of the basketball star's life.

"Multiple shots all fired in rapid succession. Certainly something that would have warranted the most serious of attention," says Attorney Daniel Lofton, who is representing Wright's mother, Deborah Marion.

Listen to the 911 tape

Instead of attention, Lofton say the Germantown Police Operator failed to follow-up, even though she heard gunfire.

"Hello...I have nothing but gun shots...hello," the operator can be heard saying on the 911 tape.

"There is a statement on the tape that the noise is gunshots," says Lofton.

Eight days later, the 911 operator told a supervisor about the call that eventually led to Wright's body.

"If the call had been treated with the priority it deserved, the body would have been located a lot quicker," says Lofton.

He says a response to the call might have saved Wright's life though that is questionable as Wright was shot 12-14 times.

Lorenzen Wright's family is suing Germantown .

Collierville is included in the lawsuit for failing to  follow-up on the missing person's report filed by  Wright's mother.

Shelby County is listed for failing to train cities to cooperate on 911 calls outside their jurisdiction.

The call from Wright's phone was in Memphis city limits.

"There needs to be a system set up so all calls are handled the exact same way no matter what municipalities receive the call," says Attorney Forrest Craig, who also represents Wright's mother.

Germantown, Collierville, and Shelby County are not commenting on the lawsuit.

Lorenzen Wright's mother says she hasn't listened to the tape.

She doesn't want to hear it right now.

Her lawsuit is set to be heard in Federal Court in September.