Thieves Stealing Packages off Germantown Porches

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(Germantown, TN) Germantown police are trying to track down the thieves stealing packages off porches.

Frances Haynes says she does a lot of her shopping online.

“I keep Amazon[.com] going,” Haynes said, as she laughed.

She's usually waiting for her package when it arrives on her front porch, “I do watch, but I never thought I would be watching to keep someone from grabbing it before I do.”

She's now worried about thieves stealing those packages off front porches.

“I`m not surprised,” Haynes said. “People are jobless and aimless and they`re grabbing what they can, I guess.”

Investigators say four homes were hit in two days last week.  Investigators believe the thefts are connected because of how close the homes are and the time of day.

“This is shocking to me to even know that it’s happening,” said Haynes.

Investigators want people to be alert and to make sure someone is home if a package is expected to be delivered.

It's easier now that shipments can be tracked online because, as Haynes said, a town like Germantown could be a gold mine for a thief.

“I would choose Germantown if I were going to steal packages,” she said as she laughed. “I would think their packages would be exciting.”

Investigators say they have no real leads on who might have been snatching the packages.

Anyone who has any info or may have seen something can call Germantown Police at 901.757-7300.