Memphis Sees Micro-Brewery Boom This Year

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(Memphis) Memphis is known for its barbecue and now will have more options to wash it down.

Three micro-breweries are scheduled to open their doors by the end of the year.

That's an increase by 300 percent.

You could call it a boom in micro-breweries in Memphis.

“We'd also call it a boom in entrepreneurship,” said Andre Dean of the Greater Memphis Chamber.

Three breweries will begin filling glasses around town by the end of the year.

Dean says Memphis is a beer brewers dream with its liquid and logistical resources, “Memphis has the best water that you can drink right out of the hydrant. We're also a good location because of our distribution infrastructure.”

Memphis has remained largely untapped to micro-breweries.

Since late 2007, Ghost River was the only one bottling it up and sending it out, but now, Wiseacres is opening on Broad.

The Cooper Young area is home to Memphis Made Brewing and High Cotton Brewing will open downtown.

Several of these brewers left Memphis to hone their hops and malt skills, but came back to Memphis when it was time to set up shop.

“We lose many to other cities but it’s a good story to have our own come back and bring some great ideas,” said Dean.

No matter which way you pour it, the micro-brewery boom makes 2013 a good year for beer.