Family Wants Fired Officer Charged In Fatal Crash

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(Memphis) A Memphis police officer involved in a car crash that killed two people last August has been fired.

On Monday, February 18, 2013, Officer Alex Beard’s administrative hearing was held concerning this crash.

The accident happened at a three-way intersection where Crump Blvd. meets Georgia Avenue and Walnut Street.

Officer Beard was departmentally charged with Compliance with Regulations to wit: Response to Call, Personal Conduct, and Damage to Motor Vehicle.

All charges were sustained and Beard was subsequently terminated.

Beard was said to be speeding without his blue lights and siren on when he rammed a car with four people inside last August.

Shaquitta Epps said, “He was fired but why wasn’t he also charged right along with his firing.”

Epps says firing the 23-year-old officer isn’t enough, “We still cry every day. We think about them every day. It's not a day that goes by that we don't think about them.”

Mackala’s father, Michael Ross, was injured so badly he’s learning how to walk again.

A family friend was also hurt. Meanwhile, Officer Beard cashed a city paycheck until yesterday.

“They're still treating him different from anybody else like we've said in the past,” said Epps.

The Epps family hopes those law enforcement connections are severed once and for all. They also hope District Attorney Amy Weirich will recognize the enormity of the officer’s actions that day.

We asked Epps what she hoped would happen, “She does the right thing and brings charges against him because he needs to be charged over what he has done. He didn't only take away one family member. He took two and injured another one severely.”

She added, “We can't let another Memphis police officer get away with killing family members.”

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