Some Skeptical of Mayor’s Gun Plan While Others Praise It

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(Memphis)  Mayor A C Wharton is trying to come up with some plan to take illegal guns off the streets in Memphis.

He believes the answer is this website called

“There's too many illegal guns out there,” said John Bagwell

Bagwell says he knows criminals are taking guns during burglaries and illegally using them later.

It just happened to his friend last week.

Bagwell thinks the new site will help fix the problem.

“With the strength of the internet today it`s got to help. Can`t hurt anything that`s for sure,” said Bagwell.

Bagwell thinks the website is a quick and cheap way to get the mayor's five point plan for getting guns of the street to the public.

The plan includes suppression and intervention programs and even mentoring opportunities for targeted youth.

Jason Smith thinks the problem is too big for that, “You make a website and tell people to go on it to start gun control, I mean come on.  A website?  No. I think it will take more than that."

Smith thinks the website could be more of a PR move more focused on publicity than results.

Former Memphis teacher Catherine Wilson says the publicity will only help, “I think that the website will be very helpful because I am on the internet all the time and I`m going to look at it when I get back home."

Some think the Mayor should have chosen a name other than Memphis Gun Down if the city wants to get rid of the gun stigma.

“Memphis gets a bad reputation as is so that just makes it worse,” said Smith.

Time will tell if this site works in the gun war or if it's another battle the city loses.