MPD Officer Accused of Using Badge to Intimidate

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(Cordova) -Last week Nathan Strietelmeier said he was walking his dog in Bert Ferguson Park in Cordova when he saw a woman jogging with her St. Bernard.

"It had no chain or a leash," he said. "When she passed another man and a smaller dog she kept running, but her big dog went to the little dog and the man froze."

He approached the woman and reminded her about the city's leash law.

"When I told her she was breaking the law, she got angry and said 'mind your own business I'm a cop'."

He filed a report that day with Memphis Police.

But it didn't end there.

Strietelmeier said he came back to the park a couple days later and when he drove out of the park he made an illegal left hand turn.

He said a particular officer was waiting for him.

"She comes up and she`s got a smile and she says 'I told you I was a cop'," he said.

He said he didn't mind getting the ticket, but is worried about what he calls threatening and retaliatory action from Officer Stephanie Robbins.

So he called in a report to the Memphis Police Internal Affairs unit Monday.

"It was abuse of power," he said. "She was using her badge as a bully tactic and I feel nervous now."

His nerves are already heightened because he suffers from a mental disorder, which is why he's protective of his service dog.

Strietelmeier hopes Officer Robbins will be now disciplined for her alleged actions.

Memphis police tell News Channel 3 they are investigating.

We wanted to contact Robbins to get her side to the story, but we were told it is against department policy for her to comment.