Man Accused of Beating Up Female Officer During Arrest

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(Memphis)  A Memphis police officer is recovering from minor bumps and bruises after a suspect allegedly roughed her up.

Police say Aundra Segrest Jr. was wanted for evading arrest when they pulled him over and he repeated that crime when he beat up an officer, ran, and hid behind a house.

The suspect was driving down Shelby Drive when police pulled him over at Mallard Nest.

Police say he jumped out of the car and ran, and that`s when things turned violent.

A female officer chased Aundra Segrest Jr.

When she caught him, he managed to wrestle away, and the officer called for backup.

Officers searched the neighborhood trying to find the suspect and they found him hiding behind a house less than half a mile away.

That`s where he resisted arrest again, and turned very physical with several officers, but they were finally able to arrest him.

An ambulance rushed to the scene to check out the female officer as well as the suspect.

They were both treated for bumps and bruises but are doing ok.

Michael Williams lives in the neighborhood and says he`s not surprised a man was on the run from police in his neighborhood.

He says suspects seem to be more confrontational with police than ever before.

“I think it`s just the way things are going on right now.  Officers are afraid of different situations and themselves and then you have the citizens afraid of officers,” said Williams.

This isn`t Segrest`s first run in with the law.

He has a history of domestic assault and several drug charges.