Police Arrest Teen In Valentine’s Day Murder

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(Memphis) Police have arrested a teen for the murder of a Memphis father on Valentine’s Day.

Teddy Bears and kind words hang on a fence near the Citgo on Austin Peay Highway. It’s where 24 year-old Corey Anderson was shot. He called his mother to let her know, before stumbling down the street and collapsing into the gas station.

“I saw his sneaker and his cap lying on the street. I asked the officer if I could get it. He said ‘no, because it was a crime scene,” recalled the victim’s mother, Mary Anderson.

Corey was rushed to the hospital.  His mother Mary was able to speak to him at his bedside, one last time.

“I was just talking to him telling him, ‘please Corey, just come back to me.’  I turned around and walked out the door. By the time I made it to the edge of the door, the machine beeped and that was it,” said Anderson.

Police have charged 19 year-old Durante Williams with Corey’s murder. Police records show, Williams confessed to killing Corey during and argument over marijuana. According to police, Williams says he was buying weed from Corey and wasn’t given enough.

“I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that,” said sister, Tameka Anderson.

Tameka says even if the story is true, her brother’s life was worth more than weed.

“Even if he just wanted to shoot my brother and make him mad, he could have shot him in the foot, the leg, the arm. But 6 times,” expressed Tameka Anderson.

It’s a murder confession that leaves a family in mourning.

“I would give anything to see my brother walk through the door,” said Tameka Anderson.

The family says Williams’ arrest brings closure as to who killed Corey, but it doesn’t bring closure in their hearts.

Williams will head to court Monday. He also faces robbery charges.