MPD: Man Drags Officer With Car

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(Memphis) Police are working hard to track down 27-year-old Irving Guy after they say he dragged an officer who was trying to arrest him.

“I heard my momma scream and that's when I woke up,” said 9-year-old Takerria Rogers.

She was startled in the night by what her mother was witnessing outside. The girl's father was allegedly dragging a Memphis Police officer with his car, while trying to avoid an arrest.

“Everything just happened so fast,” said Tamika Rogers. She says Guy, the father to her two children, just snapped.

“Why is he doing this? That’s the police, why is he doing that,” said Rogers on what was going through her mind. “It was just shocking to me, it just really shocked me.”

Officers came to the house because Rogers claimed he took off with her purse.

“I was trying to ask him why, but he was trying to charge me and I kept asking, ‘why are you taking my purse’,” Rogers said.

Police quickly found out Guy had multiple warrants out for his arrest. A short time later, Police say Guy showed back up to the house. He opened his car door and one officer tried to arrest him. That's when police say Guy threw the car into reverse and floored it, pinning the officer, and dragging him over 50 yards.

“He just doesn’t care at all,” said Rogers.

Police say Guy crashed on the curb and then drove off, leaving the officer on the sidewalk. The officer was taken to the hospital. Investigators say Guy ditched his car and disappeared into the woods, where a search with a helicopter and police dogs turned up nothing.

“I just want him off the street because I know how he is and I know what type of person he is,” she said.

As for Guy's nine-year old, she's concerned about her dad,” I love him and I hope he is okay.”

Rogers says she's glad the officer is okay. Police say Guy is still on the run, wanted on more than five charges ranging from the use of stolen license plates to possession of marijuana.

Anyone with info on where Guy is can call Crime Stoppers at 901.528.CASH.