Memphis Police Preparing and Concerned About Upcoming KKK Rally

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(Memphis) Memphis’ top cop said he’s concerned about the possible upcoming Ku Klux Klan rally. The Klan applied for its permit Friday to hold a rally at 140 Adams Street, the same spot of its 1998 rally that lead to tear gas and broken windows.

Police Director Toney Armstrong had a front row seat to it all back then.

“I was working in the undercover capacity in that one,” he said.

The Klan has promises its next rally they want held on March 30th will its biggest yet.

The KKK is angry the City of Memphis changed the names of the three confederate parks, including Forrest Park, which honors the first grand wizard of the KKK.

”The thing that concerns us more with this rally is the mention of firearms, the mention of the fact that a lot of them are expected to have Tennessee hand gun carry permits. So that will be a challenge and an obstacle that we will have to come up with a creative plan to get over to work through,” he said.

Another obstacle Armstrong fears will be the sheer size of the rally. He worries that compared to the 1998 rally, the Klan will have more tools to mobilize.

“We didn't have the abilities to go viral,” he said.”You can communicate with thousands even millions of people in a matter of seconds now.  So we didn't have those types of obstacles to deal with.”

So he's preparing with other local and federal law enforcement agencies now to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

“Even though you have a March 30th date, that`s not a lot of time to prepare for something as massive as we're expecting,” he said.

The Klan still has to get its permit approved, but city officials we spoke with said they expect it will go through. They said they will treat the Klan as any other group.