Memphis Firefighters Make Valentine’s Delivery

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(Memphis) Memphis Firefighters at Station 13 at 333 East Parkway were asleep around one Thursday morning when they heard a woman asking for help.

The firefighters found a woman and her 18-year-old who was in labor just outside the fire station garage doors.

EMT Gerald Spencer said they didn’t have time to get the pregnant woman into an ambulance, “Upon us making it to the car, she was already crowning. The baby was ready to come out."

“The car was outside. We pulled the car inside so it could be warm. Once we got the car inside about 2 minutes later the baby was actually born,” added Spencer.

Fire crews say the woman did not even get out of the car.

The baby boy was crying when he was delivered.

“I cut the umbilical cord at the proper time. We have to wait the proper time. You have to make sure there is no pulse going through the umbilical cord. And when I noticed there wasn’t a pulse I went ahead and cut it,” said Spencer.

“Good thing we were here at that time when they came in and had very capable paramedics and EMT's on the scene,” added Lt. Roosevelt Stewart.

The baby and his mother were put into an ambulance and then taken to The MED.

Private Carey Berryman said the baby’s mother was surprisingly calm throughout the delivery, “She didn’t seem to be in a lot of pain which is good for her. I was noticing that she was managing it really well."

Mother and baby are recovering and said to be doing fine at The MED.